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X-Ray Collection

Siltech Pty Ltd, with our partner Quantum Technical Services, can collect all types of X-ray stock and photographic chemical waste within Australia. Photographic chemicals contain silver, which must not be discharged to sewer without treatment to extract the silver content.

X-ray film and newspaper/printers lithographic film contain silver, which should not be put to landfill due to the heavy metal content.

Our method of film destruction is incineration, which means the X-rays, X-ray notes and envelopes do not need to be separated prior to collection (a small charge is levied for document destruction). This is the only proven method for complete recovery of silver from waste.

Quantum Technical Services provides chemical and film collection services to meet these requirements and maintains a competitive advantage with the methods we use and the treatment of all products at the Siltech refinery.

Siltech and Quantum have worked with schools, scouts and councils to organise X-ray collection events, with payment for the film stock.

You can contact Quantum to discuss possible collaborations: or 1300 247 266

Silver Facts

Silver has the highest degree of optical reflectivity of all elements. A silver mirror can reflect about 95% of the visible light spectrum.

Silver price

Silver price