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Silver refining:

Siltech PMR refines all precious metal bearing wastes to 99.95% purity. Impure silver is melted through a foundry into impure silver anodes. These anodes are placed in nitric acid baths, the nitric causes a reaction where the silver is dissolved in silver nitrate and then forms into silver crystals that are formed on a metallic plate or cathode. Nitric acid is a highly corrosive chemical, requiring all personnel to wear personal protective equipment as well as ensuring the baths are in a well ventilated, air filtrated area. The other impurities are left in the residue. Once the silver crystals are removed from the baths they are melted in the foundry to form granules and ingots.

Gold Refining:

Our gold refining plant is capable of refining gold in all forms and grades, our strength and advantage is our ability to process gold with various deleterious metals in presence including lead. Our gold inputs range from industrial waste, E-waste, mining dore, mining slag, mining concentrate and jewelry scrap . sweeps and plated jewelry included.

Platinum Group Metals:

Our plant is designed to recover PGMs from industrial and medical grade catalysts. Platinum and palladium is recovered in different forms including sponge and bars according to our customers requirements.


Silver Facts

Hippocrates, ‘the father of medicine’ wrote that silver had healing properties. Before antibiotics were discovered silver was used to prevent infection. Silver affects the breakdown of the cell membranes and, unlike antibiotics, bacteria do not develop a resistance to silver.

Silver price

Silver price