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About Us

Siltech PMR Pty Ltd was established in 1987 and specialises in the treatment and disposal of film processing waste. In July 2000, Siltech merged with Silec Pty Ltd, the refinery, and has further enhanced its reputation as the market leader in the provision of environmental services and waste treatment to precious metal bearing wastes. Siltech PMR is one of the only fully licensed facilities in Australia with the ability to treat these kinds of wastes and products.

Siltech holds EPA licenses for the treatment of chemicals and the production of silver, gold and Platinum Group metals and uses an Environmental Management System based on ISO14001. Our equipment allows for various processes - both pyro and hydrometallurgy.

If you have an enquiry please contact us on 03 9357 9540, or 0419 686 484, or via email

Silver Facts

Silver has many uses including jewellery, coins, utensils, dentistry, photography, mirrors, electronics, and solar panels.

Silver price

Silver price