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Welcome to Siltech

Siltech PMR Pty Ltd is a precious metal refinery located in Melbourne with over 30 years of refining experience. We hold all relevant EPA Victoria Licenses to process various precious metal bearing wastes. The refinery is setup to receive a range of precious metal bearing wastes and products from various processes. We have the capabilities to refine Silver, Gold and Platinum Group Metals. Waste products we currently recycle include Xray, Slag recovery and reprocessing, industrial catalyst, gold bearing scrap and dore.

Our process capabilities are in incineration, pyrometallurgical - rotating, high frequency and tilting furnaces as well as hydrometallurgical processes. We can out turn assays - fire and XRF within 24 hours of receipt of goods.

You can contact us today on 03 9357 9540, or 0419 686 484, or via email

Silver Facts

The word silver comes from the Anglo-Saxon word Seoflor. The silver chemical symbol, Ag comes from the Latin word for silver, Argentum. The atomic number for silver is 47. Its atomic weight is 107.8682 and its melting point is 962°C

Silver price

Silver price